VERLATEN CASINO and Ancient Slot Machines

VERLATEN CASINO and Ancient Slot Machines

Today we are at an abandoned gambling hall real money casino ca. Yes, like luc sad, we are at a gambling hall. There are still slot machines inside playrooms and those racing wheel cabinets. This is truly one of the sickest locations we have ever been to and we’re going to take a look now We are now walking around the warehouse for a while, and we have found a big hole here and behind are those slot machines guys.

We do not know if there is security. I think it is because there are alot of exspensive slot machines and other stuff left, but we take the risk for your guys and we’re going in now. We are now in the warehouse where the slot machines are.

Everything is really dirty under the dust, but there are so many slot machines and so much gambling equipment left. I cannot imagine that it is unsecured here. I hope there is no alarm on. It is really very exciting and very risky, but it is also really great that there are so many things in here. We are really looking forward to discovering everything, yo guys look here, just another old race car machine. Everyone has done this before in a gambling hall a little bit of racing, its realy cool.

It’S been a long time since I’ve been in such a thing. It’S realy cool here is just a roulete table, just a really cool roulete table. The glass is unfortunately broken, but I always really thought that someone just turned the weel put a ball in it and that it was just pure luck. But if you look in the cupboard below there is still so much cabling that it cannot be otherwise that they can just see exactly where your ball ends up. Look like this is the fairest, but I really do not think it happened in real life. I think it is all controlled by computers.

21. You probably know the program deal or no deal. Here is just a gambling machine and I’m curious. If you can win millions here too, i dont think so. But money is money anyway, boys we are standing here at the blackjack table, poker its a electric table, its looks, really cool, all television screens touchscreen, I think its realy cool.

That was the dealer here to hand out the cards. Then people here were simply making a lot of money or to lose, because that is also part of it. Then you also have the big television thats part of it. Everything looks amazing, there’s realy alot of money left in here. We are now in a kind of storage space here there are alot of chairs and stuff, but the best thing we find here is this wooden statue. It is completely dented.

It looks, really super cool boys. This is the end of the video. It was just really super cool. I have not been to such cool and beautiful locations. Yet, yes, it was a unique location, something you hardly ever find where all slot machines are so well-managed we saw realy cool stuff.