Slots Terminology Part 2

Slots Terminology Part 2

Here is a list of words that are important to be aware of when playing online slots.

Max Coins : This is the amount of coins that you can play for each spin.

Maximum Bet : The maximum amount of coins or credits that can be played per spin. Recommended while playing progressives.

Payback Percentage: This is the percentage of money bet on a machine that is returned to the players over time. If a machine is set at the factory to pay back, say 86%, it will pay that percentage back to the players over several hundred thousand pulls.

Pay-Line : The line or lines on which the symbols must line up to score a win.

Pay Cycle: It is a widely held belief that slots go through pay cycles which means that, after taking in a number of coins They must pay out in order to meet the percentage payout that has been programmed into the software.

Progressive Jackpot : A top prize which grows while people play, giving much larger possible prizes. Progressive slots have Progressive Jackpots.

Progressive Meter: This is a large electronic display placed above the linked progressive machine that displays the amount of the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Slots: This is a group of machines linked together to produce a bigger jackpot. The machines may be in one casino or may be located in several different casinos. A small portion of every pull is added to the large “progressive” jackpot. They are so called because, as time goes on, the jackpot gets progressively larger. Generally a progressive jackpot only pays off with a max coin pull.

Pay Table: This table is usually located above the reels. It describes the amounts paid off for different combinations at different bet levels. This is a very important aspect of slots and players must be aware the pay table of individual machines. On electronic machines the pay table appears on the monitor when called by the player.

Pull: The casino considers one spin of the reel to equal one handle pull.

Reels : The rotating part of a slot machine, symbols on the reels.

Random Number Generator: This function of the central processor unit of a slots machine mother board produces a random number used by the slots machine software to “seed” the program that decides where the reels stop.

Symbols : The pictures on the reels. For example Cherry symbols.

Stops: Also known as symbols. These are the images of fruits or bars or even blanks where the reels “stop”.

Take Cycle: This is the opposite of the pay cycle. If you subscribe to the pay/take philosophy then you believe that a pay cycle is followed by a take cycle, whereby you may get the odd small hit but essentially it’s feeding time for the slots.

Top Prize : The top payout, in coins on non progressive slots, playing max coins.

Tight slots: This is a machine that is “tight” with its money, it is not paying off too much. Also known as a “cold” machine. The opposite of a loose slots.

Tilt: Slots tilt usually because they have run out of coins, or, because a coin is jammed in the mechanism. They stop paying and the tilt light comes on. Coins owing the player are held in the slots memory and will pay after corrections have been made to the problem. I have never seen a machine that didn’t give out the correct number of coins, regardless of a tilt.

Wild Symbol : Like a joker will count as any other symbol.

Window: This is the glass cover behind which the reels spin. The pay line is usually painted across this window
Bonus Feature : Some slot machine offer a second round where you can win additional coins. A bonus feature can include a second screen, free spins and more.

Winning Combinations : The amount of possible winning outcomes.

Wild Multiplier : A will symbol that also multiplies your win