Slots Terminology Part 1

Slots Terminology Part 1

Here is a list of words that are important to be aware of when playing online slots.

Bonus Feature : Some slot machine offer a second round where you can win additional coins. A bonus feature can include a second screen, free spins and more.

Coin Size : This is the size of each be. You can play more than one coin per spin

Credit Meter: When the player slides a bill into the coin acceptor, the credit meter will record the number of tokens the bill represents. For example, a $20 bill will record 80 credits on the credit meter of a quarter slots machine.

Electronic Gaming Machines: This term includes all coin operated casino games such as slots, video poker, flip it games, horse racing games, and all other coin operated electronic games.

Fill: When hoppers run out of coins, a fill is called for which simply means an attendant gets a bag of coins from the cashier and refills the empty hopper.

Hit Rate/Hit Frequency : The average distance between winnings spins and non winning spins. High hut rate equals more regular winning spins.

Hopper Fill: When there are not enough tokens in the hopper to service the player, a hopper fill is required. Casino personnel open the slots machine and fill the hopper with tokens, usually stored in a cabinet underneath the slots machine itself. When you witness a hopper fill, note that the casino employee, after emptying the clear plastic token bag, will hold the bag up to the security camera so that the camera can record the fact that the bag is empty.

Hold: This is the opposite of a payback percentage. It is the percentage of money played that is retained by the casino. If a machine is set to payback 86%, the hold is 14%. The hold can range from 1% or less on large denomination machines to as much as 25% to 30% on penny or nickel machines at certain casinos.

Hopper: This is where the coins are held in the machine. Often hoppers are filled to overflowing by players, so they don’t only run empty they sometime are overflowing. When this happens the excess coins drop into a bucket underneath the hopper. The buckets are usually emptied in the early morning hours when the traffic is light.

Loose slots: This refers to any slots machine that is paying off. It is “loose” with its money. Also known as a “hot” machine. The opposite of a tight slots.